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How do I send survey with PledgeBox?

Sending Kickstarter/Indiegogo survey with PledgeBox

Benefit of PledgeBox Survey: Easy order/pledge management, Product upsell, Failure pledge recovery, Shipping fee collection, and Effort-less delivery notification.


1. Create PledgeBox Account
2. Connect with Your Kickstarter/Indiegogo Campaign
3. Config & Send the Survey
4. Download the Survey Report
5. Additional Tools
6. Shipping Notifications

1. Create PledgeBox Account

Register the creator account through

2. Connect with Your Kickstarter/Indiegogo Campaign

2.1 There are 2 options when connecting a campaign:

By KS/IGG credential
Follow the connection wizard to import the campaign into your PledgeBox account automatically.

By inviting PledgeBox as a collaborator
Click on ‘Invite PledgeBox as collaborator’ and follow the wizard to import the rewards and orders with one click.

Invite PledgeBox as Collaborator

Invite PledgeBox as Collaborator

2.2 Survey Check List

After importing rewards and backer orders, follow the checklist to finish the setup.

Check List

3. Config & Send the Survey

3.1 Set Up Products

1) By default, your Kickstarter/Indiegogo Product and Add-on Items will be imported as Products in the survey.

In PledgeBox you can access the Product list through: Survey Project List Page -> Click Project -> Left Navigation: 1 Set Up Product -> Products

Product List

2) Update each of the product with photos, descriptions, variants (optional), and weight & size (optional)

Product Details

Tips: if your product has special version as one of the variants and requires backers to pay more money, you can set it as an Upgradeable variant. When backers select it as the choice they would need to pay the extra amount as you set.

Upgradeable Variant

3) Confirm the number of product included in each of the reward.

Asocciated Rewards/Perks

4) Upsell the product in the survey.

PledgeBox Add-on Setting

Product/Add-on Preview

3.2 Review & Update (only when if Needed) Rewards

Review Rewards

1) By default you don`t need update anything on rewards since they are imported from Kickstarter/Indiegogo exactly as you created.

In PledgeBox you can access the Reward list through: Survey Project List Page -> Click Project -> Left Navigation: 2 Kickstarter Imports (Indiegogo Imports) -> Reward Setting
Reward List

If you need to collect more shipping fees, you can edit the rewards and update the new shipping fee table.
Reward Shipping Fee Setting

Tips: In PledgeBox there are 2 options to setup the shipping fees: by item or by weight.

After you increased the shipping fee, backers will need to pay the extra amount in the survey. For example, if the original shipping fee was $10 and you updated it to $20, the backers will need to pay the gap $10 in the survey.

2) Review Pledges

In PledgeBox you can access the Pledge list through: Survey Project List Page -> Click Project -> Left Navigation: 2 Kickstarter Imports (Indiegogo Imports) -> Backer List - Orders

All of your backers’ pledges are imported here. You can review the order detail by clicking the order lines.

On top of the orders, the filter function allow you search the pledges/orders by countries, reward levels, status and etc.
Backer List Order

Tips:on the order detail page, you can update the reward & backer information, offer coupon, refund (only for payment received through PledgeBox survey), cancel/lock/unlock the order, preview survey page as the backer and etc.

3.3 Review Add-ons in PledgeBox Survey

After you config all the products and decide which products set as Add-on for upsell in the survey, you can review them from backer`s perspective and setup the way to receive upsell revenue.

In PledgeBox you can access the Add-on list through: Survey Project List Page -> Click Project -> Left Navigation: 3 Survey Add-ons -> PledgeBox Add-ons

1) PledgeBox Add-ons

This section shows all the add-ons you want to upsell and manage the display order and pages of your add-ons.

PledgeBox Add-on Page

Tips: in Add-on Setting tab, you can twist the displaying sequence by dragging the icon of Add-on products, set the featured Add-on product (always list as the first one on Add-on page), and split the Add-on display page .

2) Receive Payment

PledgeBox supports both Stripe and Paypal channels for creators to receive the upsell fund. Funds of all the upsell transaction will go directly to the creator`s Stripe/Paypal account.

Tips: recommend Stripe.
Receive Payment

3.4 Review and Send

In PledgeBox you can access the Preview as Backer through: Survey Project List Page -> Click Project -> Left Navigation: 4 Review & Send -> Preview as Backer

1) It is important to preview the email invitation and the online survey forms that backers will receive and open. With the “Preview as Backer” function, you can check the preview of any rewards.

You can also decide the thumb photo in the invitation email, set the survey deadline(optional), and customize the email headers and content.
By default, PledgeBox will use the Kickstarter cover photo and account name in the email.

2) Review & Smoke Test

After you set all the required items, it is ready to shoot the survey invitation through email. You can also ask our help to double-check the survey setting, but that's not mandatory.

Smoke Test

If you want to play safe, send a smoke test (to 5% of the overall backers) and check the result before a full rollout.

3) Send Survey

Check all your survey settings details and the checklist, If it is green all the way, it's good to go.

Send Survey

4. Download Survey Result

Download backer orders with product choices, shipping address, and add-on purchase record through the Download Center function in PledgeBox.

5. Additional Tools

Need to add VAT or tax to the backers' Kickstarter/Indiegogo pledges? CLICK HERE
Generate invoice for backers. CLICK HERE
Check survey results. CLICK HERE
Hide Positive Credit. CLICK HERE

6. Upload the Tracking Code

After obtaining and exporting order information for backers, the next step you need to consider is shipping. Pledgebox supports you to upload tracking code for the backers.
Once the Tracking code is uploaded, the system will continue to track the shipping status and send reminder emails to your backers. CLICK HERE

Upload Shipping/Tracking code

7. How it looks like for backers

7.2 There are maximal 4 steps for backers to complete the survey.

1) Confirm the reward that they pledged on your campaign
2) Buy the add-on products (if you offer, otherwise this step will be skipped)
3) Fill in the address
4) Confirm the selection, shipping fee and delivery address, and complete the payment(if needed).

Backer Survey Process

8. After you ship out the rewards, you can upload the tracking code in PledgeBox and the system will send out the delivery status to the backers.

Updated on: 01/12/2022

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