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How to create ‘Products’ and ‘Add-ons’?

As you connect your project to PledgeBox, rewards details sync. When you need to add a new product or an add on, you need to create it manually.

1. Create a product, enter all the product details in ‘1.Product Details’

Go to ‘Set Up Products’ > ‘Products’
Click on ‘Add Product’
You are able to set the image, the name, the description and the variant of the product in the step 1 ‘Product Details’

2. Associate the product you just created to any reward level

Click ‘Yes’ if the product you add is part of a reward
Set a quantity for the reward.

3. Set add-on details in Add-on Settings

Note: If you want to set the product as an add-on, click ‘No’ in ‘2.Associated Rewards’, go to ‘Add-on Settings’ directly. Set add-ons details in this step.

Click ‘Yes’ on ‘3.Add-on Settings’
Set an add-on price, total quantity available and the total quantity a single customer can purchase.
Enable the reward levels that backers in them can purchase the add-on.
You can also set up shipping fees in this step for the add-on.

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Updated on: 14/12/2022

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