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Order Details Page

You can review the order information on this page. Including order status (locked, unlocked, refunded, and cancelled), survey status (in progress, invited, completed), address, reward level, backer’s email. You can change reward level, edit address, lock/unlock the order, resend individual survey, preview as backer, and copy the survey link.

In the Order details section, you can review the reward content, including Products, Kickstarter/Indiegogo Add-ons, Bundle, Gift, and PledgeBox Add-on (backers buy as extras).

On the right column, there are Note, Activities, Email sent, and Transaction sections:
Note: reminder note of the order. It will exported with the fulfillment report (only in order_per_line format)
Activities: Both creator and backer activities on this order will be recorded here
Emails sent: all email sent history will be recorded here. Also you can send email to the backer by clicking on ‘Send’ button
Transaction: If the backer buys PledgeBox Add-ons, the transaction will be recorded here. You can also give the backer credit by clicking on ‘Add Credit’ button

Once you click the orange button to cancel the order, the backer won't be able to access the survey page.

Updated on: 20/12/2022

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