Additional Tools - Tax/Questions/Shipping - PledgeBox

Additional Tools - Tax/Questions/Shipping

Creators can use PledgeBox pledge manager system to charge TAX, set marketing questions, update shipping info, and invite business partners to manage.

1. Tax Setting

You can create tax, VAT, and custom rates based on countries in PledgeBox. The rate will be applied when the backers from the countries finish the survey. The backers will need to pay the extra fees before they can finish the survey.

2. Questions

If you want to collect any marketing question, create and map it to the rewards.

3. Update Shipping

After you ship out the reward, it is a good practice to send note to each of the backers about their package. Use this function to upload the backer orders and send an email notification to backers.

4. Users

PledgeBox supports team work. Invite your team members to manage the survey project.

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