Apple ID Backers - PledgeBox

Pledged with Apple ID and having trouble accessing the survey

If your Kickstarter account was created with your Apple ID, you will need to manage your Apple login credentials via the Apple ID settings on your mobile device, or from your Apple account.

This is also where you can manage the apps on which you use Sign in with Apple. You will be able to turn off email forwarding (if you are using the relay email address), change your forwarding address, or stop using your Apple ID with an app too.

If you opted to hide your email address when signing up with Apple, project creators will only be able to see your private relay email in their backer report at the end of the campaign.

Please note that the unique relay address tied to your Kickstarter account can only be used for communication with Kickstarter. This means that any communication sent outside of Kickstarter by the creator will unfortunately not reach your inbox.

In this case, There are two option for backers who can’t receive emails with their email addresses:

1. Register a PledgeBox Backer Account & Update a new Email Address

  1. Please use your Kickstarter Account Email(Apple ID) to register a PledgeBox Account:

How to Find Your Apple ID address

If you are a backer and need to locate your Apple ID address, simply follow these steps:

1. Check Your Email Inbox:

Open your email inbox and search for emails sent by Kickstarter. Look for the keyword "". 

2. Identify your Apple ID address:

Once you've located the email with "", copy the entire email address associated with it. This email address is your Apple ID address. 

3. Sign up:

Use this copied email adress to register with PledgeBox. Since this type of email address doesn't require verification, you can sign up directly. 

  1. After you login, please go to the Profile Page and Verify a New Email Address. All the campaigns you have supported in Kickstarter via Apple ID will be replaced consistently.

  1. Click the “View” button on the Campaign Pledged page and Update your survey information.

2. Contact Creator to Update a New Email Address

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