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Book PledgeBox Newsletter Boosting

How to join such a strong crowdfunding community with over 400K subscribers from Kickstarter?

Book PledgeBox Newsletter Boosting

PledgeBox's newsletter has been approved as an efficient channel to boost Kickstarter & Indiegogo alive campaigns. But our editor team is very selective on the campaigns we recommend to our community.

You can apply for the available newsletter slots after you create a PledgeBox creator account and connect your campaign.

1)Sign up an account on PledgeBox via

2)Connect your campaign with PledgeBox in 2 ways:

  1. By KS/IGG credential
Follow the connection wizard to import the campaign into your PledgeBox account automatically.

  1. By inviting PledgeBox as a collaborator
Click on ‘Invite PledgeBox as collaborator’ and follow the wizard to import the rewards and orders with one click.

If you already have a PledgeBox account, you can login and click the create new campaign button to add a new campaign to your account.
3)After successfully connecting your campaign, you can see the “Buy Featured Newsletter” link on the left side of the campaign page.

Follow the steps, and submit the application:
  1. Select the available date for your campaign

Buy Featured Newsletter

  1. Fill in the Contact Info
  2. Submit the Newsletter Content(Optional)

After finishing the application, you`ll get feedback in 12 hours.