How can I offer a product bundle?- PledgeBox

How can I offer a product bundle?

To boost more upsells, creators can offer some discounts. A bundle sale is one of the methods.

What is a bundle?

Product bundle is generally made up of several products.

How do I create a product bundle?

1) Go to ‘Set up Products’ in the left navigation menu.

2) Select ‘Bundle’ > Click on ‘Add Bundle’

3) Basic information: enter the bundle name, description and upload images. Also, you can decide the price and the maximum quantity available to backers.

4) Enter the quantity of products associated with the bundle.

5) You can allow all backers or only those of selected reward levels to purchase the bundle. In additional, you can manually input emails or upload excel file of emails to decide who can purchase the bundle.

6) Add shipping rates ( If needed ).

7) Click ‘Save’
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