How to Create a Digital Products? - PledgeBox

How to Create a Digital Products?

How to create and send Digital Products by PledgeBox pledge manager system?

PledgeBox supports you to create digital products and offer to your backers to download the digital products they pledged.

1. Two ways to create the digital products:

1) Please go to Set up product -> Product, Click “add product”

add digital product

- Choose Digital product

choose digital product

2) Click one of the physical products synced from Kickstarter, change it to digital product.

change it to digital product

2. Enter all the product details in “Product Details”

1) You are able to set the image, name, description and upload the attachment for you digital product in the step 1 “Product Details”

Note: The creator has the ability to set the time limit and the number of times backers can download the digital products.

Step 1 Product Details

2) Associate the product you just created to any reward level

- Click “Yes” if the product you add is part of a reward
- Set a quantity for each reward

Step 2 Associated Reward

3) Set add-on details in “Add-on Settings”

Note: If you want to set the product as an add-on, click No in “2.Associated Rewards”, go to “Add-on Settings” directly and set add-ons details in this step.
- Click ‘Yes’ on “3.Add-on Settings”
- Set the add-on price, total quantity available and the total quantity a single customer can purchase.
- Enable the reward levels that backers in them can purchase the add-on.
- Click No in the Shipping Fee area

Step 3 PledgeBox Add-on Setting

3. Save all of your setting

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