How to refund to a backer? - PledgeBox

How to refund to a backer?

How to Make a Refund on PledgeBox?

Regarding the refund authority, creators can perform refunds for backers who have pledged on PledgeBox within 90 days from the date of backers payment (90-day refund period).

1)Please go to Kickstarter/Indiegogo Import -> Backer List Order, locate the order that requires a refund, click on it.

Refund on PledgeBox

2)Scroll down to the Transactions -> Click Refund

Refund on PledgeBox

  1. Add-ons Refunding (including shipping fee)

Add-ons Refunding (including shipping fee)

  1. Customize the refund amount

Customize the refund amount

Note: For refund that exceed the 90-day refund period supported by Stripe or PayPal, it'll be better to contact the backer for a private refund.

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