How to send tracking numbers/shipping info to backers? - PledgeBox

How to send tracking numbers/shipping info to backers?

PledgeBox supports creators to upload tracking code to backers after sending out the survey, and synchronize shipping progress to backers via email notification.

1) Please go to Tools -> Shipping info.
2) Download the tracking file template.


3) Please fill in PledgeBox ID (PBID), Courier Code(check ‘courier name’ sheet in the file template) and Tracking Code.

a. For orders with Tracking Code - after you upload the list, the order status will be updated to Shipped & Locked.

b. For orders without Tracking Code - after you upload (/) in the list, the order status will be updated to Locked.


If the corresponding courier code of the shipping provider you're working with is not included in the template file, please fill in the name of the shipping provider directly.
4) Upload the excel file, the shipping emails with tracking code will be sent to the backers (only those in the file) automatically. If you don’t want to notify your backers by email, please leave the box unchecked.

If there is more than one tracking code for an order, you can complete the upload by doing the following:

1. Need to fill in “ Y ” at Partial Shipped(Optional)

2. After filling in " Y ", the new tracking code uploaded later will not overwrite the previous tracking code. Shown as below:

3. There is no limit to the number of tracking codes that can be uploaded. But note that when uploading, it should be divided into several times. Currently each order can only enter one tracking code each time.

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