Indiegogo Survey FAQ - PledgeBox - PledgeBox

Indiegogo Survey FAQ - PledgeBox

1. How to import Indiegogo orders for surveys?

There is a 10-day refund window for Indiegogo’s refund policy, please "Locked" Indiegogo orders before sending the survey in PledgeBox.

  1. Follow the guidelines for locking orders on Indiegogo: Perk-Fulfillment#Contribution-Management

  1. After locking orders in Indiegogo, the orders list will be automatically updated within 24 hours.

2. How to update new Indiegogo orders after sending surveys?

After sending out the survey, PledgeBox will update the new orders constantly for SIX MONTHS and send a reminder email to new backers automatically starting at 7am PDT every Monday.

3. After six months, how do backers complete the survey?

Backers can complete the surveys by logging into PledgeBox.

  1. Click -
  2. Signup and login with the email address of backer’s Indiegogo account;
  3. All the campaigns backers have pledged will be shown;
  4. Click on the ‘View’ button to edit survey information;
  5. Complete the survey and backers can see all the details.

4. “You have 0 orders ready for survey” after locked orders on Indiegogo?

Please wait for one hour after locked the order on Indiegogo, the orders list will be updated one hour later.

5. “No image available” after connecting Indiegogo campaigns?

The campaign does not set any video cover/main image, please update the new image on Indiegogo, the system will update automatically after one hour.

6. How to copy Kickstarter campaign’s products to an Indiegogo campaign?

  1. Please go to Set Up Products > Products;
  2. Click the “Copy Products” button;
  3. Select the campaign and product which one you want to copy.

7. The value of PledgeBox for Indiegogo campaign

1)Tracking info sending for free: Uploading the tracking code, PledgeBox will send shipping emails to notify backers that their order has been shipped, and track the shipment continuously.
2)Verify Shipping Destination: Confirm the delivery address for the second time.
3)Shipping difference/Tax collection: you can send a survey via PledgeBox to collect extra Shipping fees/Tax if needed.
4)Upsell More: Upsell add-ons to your backers for extra fundings.

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