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Meanings of 4 Reward Shipping Fee Setting Methods

PledgeBox supports creator to charge the reward shipping fee according to the following four methods.

1) Based on Reward Level
2) Based on Reward Weight
3) Based on Total Amount
4) Based on Package Weight
5) Tips

Please refer to How to set up shipping fees for Rewards/Perks? to set up Reward/Perk shipping fees.

1. Based on Reward Level

Backers will the pay shipping fee based on the country/region they choose and the Reward level they purchased, Backers are unable to select a country that is not set by the Creator.
  1. Shipping fees setting template:
Shipping Setting based on reward level

Example: Backers who have pledged this reward from the US will need to pay USD$10 for shipping.

PS: DELETE EVERYWHERE ELSE when you only ship to backers from the US and UK.

2. Based on Reward Weight

Please set the weight for mapped items included in each Reward. Backers will pay for shipping fees based on the Reward total weight.
  1. Shipping fees setting such as:
Shipping Setting based on Reward Weight

Example: A backer from the US pledged the reward, and the weight of all the reward items adds up to 2KG, then the backers need to pay USD$15.

3. Based on Total Amount

The system will calculate the shipping fee based on the country you select and the amount band you set. Unlike the previous setting, please go to Tools -> Survey Setting to use this method.

Shipping Setting based on Total Amount

Example: A Backer from the US with an order totaling USD $200 will pay USD $20 for shipping.

Method 3 will also be applied directly to the Add-ons shipping calculation.

4. Based on Package Weight

The system will automatically calculate the total weight of all products in each order based on the country you select and the weight band/weight range you set to charge for shipping.

Shipping Setting based on Package Weight

1) Choose the weight unit freely

Choose a weight unit

2) Set the weight band.

3) When you click save, the system will check whether all products have weight.
If not, a pop-up will come up and you can quickly set/update the product weight in batches here.

            Example: A backer from Europe whose order weighs 20kg will be charged USD$20 for shipping.

Method 4 will also be applied directly to the Add-ons shipping calculation.
5. Tips
  1. Batch Update: Quickly modify countries price information in batch;
  2. Copy Shipping Fees: You can copy the shipping fees from another product and reward;

  1. Add Everywhere Else: Add shipping fees to other countries other than your selected countries.

  1. Quickly Update: Quickly modify product essential information like weight in batch;

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