What are ‘Products’, ‘Bundles’ and ‘Gifts’? - PledgeBox

What are ‘Products’, ‘Bundles’ and ‘Gifts’?

There are 3 types of products on PledgeBox system for creators, ‘Products’, ‘Bundles’, and ‘Gifts’.


Product is a single item (usually called SKU). A typical reward/perk includes one product or multiple products.
When you connect Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign to your PledgeBox account, all items/add-ons on Kickstarter/Indiegogo will be imported automatically to the products list.
You can check them under “Set Up Products -> Products”. You can edit the imported products or create new ones.
In the product edit page, you can map the product to one or multiple rewards, and the option to define the product as an Add-on, allowing backers to buy during the survey process.


Similar to bundles in the e-commerce shop, Bundle in PledgeBox is a combination of products you want to sell as Add-on.
Usually creators offer bundles with a discounted total price to stimulate the sales.


If you want to offer a product for free to a selected group of people. You can create a gift, define the associated product, and decide who can see the free gift in their survey forms.

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