What is a PledgBox ID (PB ID) and how to download orders with PledgeBox ID ? - PledgeBox

What is a PledgBox ID (PB ID) and how to download orders with PledgeBox ID ?

Backers can only find their PBID in the confirmation emails and PledgeBox accounts, so the PBID can be used to confirm their identity as well.

PB ID is the internal ID for each of your pledge/order. Like Kickstarter pledge sequence number, It is unique for each of the backers.

For a specific PB ID

1) Click on ‘Kickstarter Imports' 'Indiegogo Imports’ ‘Backer list - Orders’
2) Click on the order you want to check and you will see the PB ID in the Order Info.

For a batch of PB ID

1) Click on ‘Dashboard’ ‘Download Center’.
2) Download the order list and you will see the PB ID in the file.
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      1)Log in to the PledgeBox via: https://survey.pledgebox.com/user/ 2)Login, click on the ‘View’ button. PB ID lies in the upper left corner of the page.
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