What to do when backer reports failed payments on survey? - PledgeBox

What to do when a backer reports failed payments on survey?

Creator side:

1. Please check your Stripe/PayPal account status. Make sure it is active and able to receive payment.

2. Go to " Dashboard " > " Download Center " > " Transaction Export " to see if there is any successful transactions since the backer feedback.

If there are successful transactions recorded recently, then it means that the current payment account is fine.

Backer side:

1. Regarding the reason for payment failure, you can view it in the "Activity" section of the order details page, while you refer to this page to see the specific situation.

2. Solution:When Stripe/Paypal detects a suspicious payment, they might decline the credit card/paypal payment. So please ask the backer to try again with a different credit card or turn off the VPN.

The feedback from the bank in ” Activities “ of order detail indicates that the card has been declined. In such cases, the usual solution is to either try another card for payment or explore alternative payment channels, such as using PayPal.

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