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Where to send surveys?

Where to send surveys?

After you complete all the required settings, you are ready to shoot out the survey invitation.
1)Go to ‘Review and Send’ to send the survey.
2)If you want to play safe, send a smoke test (to 5% of the overall backers) and check the result before a full rollout.

You can also ask our help to double-check the survey setting, but that's not mandatory.

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    • Why can't I edit product information after I send surveys/smoke tests?

      Similar to Kickstarter, once the add-on products are purchased you won't be able to change product info like price. Contact support@pledgebox.com if you need to change it.
    • Send Backer Survey Through PledgeBox

      1. Create Your PledgeBox Account Sign up for a creator account. 2. Connect with Kickstarter/Indiegogo Campaign Option 1: By inviting PledgeBox as collaborator Choose Invite PledgeBox as Collaborator —> Go to Kickstarter to send out invitation —> Go ...
    • How to send the reminder emails or re-send the survey emails?

      PledgeBox system sends weekly reminder emails to backers who do not finish the survey for 6 months.If you don't want us to send the reminder, contact support to mute the reminder function. Note: backers in follow situation won't receive the reminder ...
    • How to send a survey email to an individual backer?

      Send a survey email to an individual backer on PledgeBox 1) Go to ‘Kickstarter Imports’, or ‘Indiegogo Imports’ 2) Click on ‘Backer list - Orders’. 3) Use search function to find the individual backer, and click on the order line to get into the ...
    • How to send tracking numbers/shipping info to backers?

      PledgeBox supports creators to upload tracking code to backers after sending out the survey, and synchronize shipping progress to backers via email notification. 1) Please go to Tools -> Shipping info. 2) Download the tracking file template. 3) ...