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How to set up shipping fees for Add-ons?

Charge shipping fees based on Item or SKU weight (It won’t affect Reward shipping fees):
Go to ‘1 Set Up Products’ in the main column on the left
Click on ‘Products’
Click 'Edit' button of a product on the right
Go to the 3rd tab - 'PledgeBox Add-on Setting'
Scroll down to the ‘Add-on Shipping Fee’ section

Tips: If you want to sell Kickstarter add-ons (which is shown as “KS add-on” on the system) on PledgeBox surveys, the shipping fee settings of this product will be the same.

Charge shipping fees based on Package Weight or Total Amount (It will sync to all shipping settings):
Go to ‘Tools’ > ‘Survey Setting’ in the main column on the left
Scroll down to the ‘Shipping Settings’ section

Regarding the meaning of these four types of shipping fee settings, please refer to Four Type of Add-on Shipping Fee Setting Methods

Updated on: 15/12/2022

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