Filters on PledgeBox

Filters of Backer List - Orders
PledgeBox provides some filter conditions for creators to filter out the orders they want.

Survey Status
Order Status
Pledged Time
Complete Time
Payment Amount
Reward Upgraded
Apple ID
The relationship between the filters.
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1. Survey Status

Not Invited - Survey has not been sent.
Pending - Survey has been sent but has not been opened yet.
In Progress - Survey has been sent and backers opened it.
Completed - Survey is completed.
Canceled - The order has been canceled by the creator, and backers will not receive any email notifications.
Dropped - Backers failed to make payment on Kickstarter. The backer will receive a survey invitation. There’s 0 credit in the order and the backer needs to pay the full price of the reward (and shipping fee) to complete the survey.

2. Order Status

Upgraded - Backer has upgraded to the current reward from a lower-priced reward.
Refunded - Creator refunded the order.
Unlocked - backers can edit the survey.
Locked - backers can review the survey, but cannot update it.
Shipped - Creator has uploaded shipping info of the order.

3. Segment(s)

After filtering out a batch of orders, creators can save them as a Segment. These saved segments can be filtered.

4. Rewards

Each reward level in the campaign.

5. Pledged Time

The time backers pledged on Kickstarter.

6. Complete Time

The time backers completed the survey on PledgeBox. Each time backers re-complete the survey, it will be updated.

7. Payment Amount

Amount paid by backer on PledgeBox.

8. Balance

The balance of the order, you can freely filter out the orders that balance is greater than 0, less than or equal to 0, even filter out the orders with credit.

Less than 0: The order has yet to be paid.
Greater than 0: Backer paid more than the current order amount.
Equal to 0: No balance need to be paid.
With Credit: The order that creator has added credit/coupon for the backer.

9. Add-on(s)

KS/IGG add-on(products that backers can buy with their rewards on KS/IGG) & PB add-on(The products that you set on PledgeBox and allow backers to buy extra during the survey).

10. Reward Upgraded

The current reward have been upgraded from a lower-priced reward in the order.
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11. Tax

Orders with tax:

PledgeBox allows you to set up Tax, VAT, and Customs Duty based on the total price of the Reward, PledgeBox add-ons, and shipping fees that backers have purchased. You can charge tax based on the country and the backers will need to pay the extra fees before they can finish the survey.

Please refer to this article for more details: How do I set the Tax and VAT

12. Dispute

All orders disputed with the credit card company.

13. Country/Region

Filter orders by country/region of receipt.

14. Source

Order source (From Kickstarter/PledgeBox/Pre-order)

15. Apple ID

Order email with Apple ID

Issue: Backers, who have used their Apple ID to pledge the campaign without setting up their Apple Pay account (linking their email address to their Apple Wallet), will not be able to receive emails from PledgeBox directly.

Solution: Please follow the introduction below to fix it.
Apple ID Backers

16. Fulfillment

Those orders that are pushed to fulfillment on PledgeBox.

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17. The relationship between the filters.

If there are more than one filters, the relationship between them is "AND"
For example,

This will filter out all orders that have a survey status of pending and order status of unlocked.

If there are more than one options, the relationship between them is "OR".
For example,

This will filter out all orders that contain add-ons “Hat - Baseball Cap” or “Demo T-Shirt”.

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Updated on: 03/01/2023

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